Sunday is my favourite #6

The most interesting day of the week for me is always Sunday. That is my first day-off from my normal day-job, which means the first proper working day as an illustrator and surface pattern designer. So if I am able to, I like to start it early, do a bit of work and then follow the rest of my plans – which is usually more work or meeting my Sister.

I thought I’d make a series about how my Sundays look like, and the reasons for that:

* I have a really bad memory, so I’d like to have sg like a diary, but I cannot do that on paper, because I’d love to insert photos, but my printer is broken..
* Also I’d like to share useful things with you, like how to make yourself happy with a tiny thing (e.g. the joy of making a cup of coffee), places to visit (mostly in London, because I live here), what books or blogs to read etc.

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post will be a bit different, because I spent a few days in Copenhagen, so on Sunday I actually spent my day with traveling and unpacking and catching up with my usual everyday stuff, so I did have a productive day, but it wasn’t that interesting, so I thought I’d rather share a few pictures with you about my trip 🙂
The basic story behind this mini holiday: this was our first sister-trip with Fanni, my Sister. We were never able to afford this in the past, but finally we are grown-ups to do this now 🙂 We didn’t even spend a lot on this, we found cheap flight tickets (it was already a bit chilly this time of the year in Copenhagen, but you know, cheap tickets for a little colder weather=totally worth it 🙂 ), we found a room on airbnb, not a whole flat, but a lovely room in a lovely girl’s home (we just spent a few hours to sleep there anyway 🙂 ), and we didn’t spend much on food, except coffee and pastries.. :))

IMG_9002great cafe, lovely staff, wonderful coffee, amazing cinnamon roll – everything just spot on.. we tried a few cafes, but this was our top favourite, it’s called
The Coffee Collective


DSC_0104also we love walking and exploring things that way, which is always free 🙂 (maybe just a bit rainy occasionally 🙂 )


DSC_0131the botanical garden is amazing too… definitely a must see – if you love parks and plants of course


DSC_0164boat trip


IMG_9113on Saturday it was raining like crazy, and unfortunately our shoes didn’t manage it too well, so instead of walking and seeing more undiscovered streets and beautiful houses, we visited Design Museum Danmark, and look at this beautiful embroidery…!

IMG_9144also amazing chairs…! (and my Sister 🙂 )

IMG_9083and a light indigo and a light mustard house next to each other?
best two houses ever 🙂

That’s it for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post 🙂 If you are planning to visit Copenhagen, don’t hesitate to ask, not like I’m an expert, but maybe I can answer some questions.
Have a lovely week!




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I am Viktoria, Hungarian illustrator and surface pattern designer based in London. I love painting patterns and drawing animal characters with human attributions. My main source of inspiration is nature, folk art and the infinite numbers of colours.

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