Sunday is my favourite #8

The most interesting day of the week for me is always Sunday. That is my first day-off from my normal day-job, which means the first proper working day as an illustrator and surface pattern designer. So if I am able to, I like to start it early, do a bit of work and then follow the rest of my plans – which is usually more work or meeting my Sister.

I thought I’d make a series about how my Sundays look like, and the reasons for that:

* I have a really bad memory, so I’d like to have sg like a diary, but I cannot do that on paper, because I’d love to insert photos, but my printer is broken..
* Also I’d like to share useful things with you, like how to make yourself happy with a tiny thing (e.g. the joy of making a cup of coffee), places to visit (mostly in London, because I live here), what books or blogs to read etc.

Hello Everyone 🙂 I have simply forgotten to post last Sunday’s “Sunday is my favourite” post.. I am tired. Very tired.. I have been working a lot, some unexpected problems came up as well, so even though I started to write this post on Sunday, I never finished it until today, when I realised I completely forgot about it.

My Sunday wasn’t too exciting though, I mean it was good for me, got up early (5am) to work on my Etsy shop and Pinterest page, went to the Farmer’s Market, painted some Inktober pics (some missing ones and some in advance as well, because I knew I won’t have time during the week), talked to my family on the phone, baked some snacks, so I am just going to show you a few photos of my day, I hope you will still like it 🙂

viktoria.rodek.etsy.originals.indigo.folkso this is how the shop looks like in progress (this is not always how messy my desk is when I paint, but.. usually it is, ’cause even though it’s a simple pattern with one colour, I need all this stuff 🙂 )

viktoria.rodek.cake.sweet.wordpress.blogbanana bread and cranberry balls 🙂 (don’t like cooking, but I love eating, especially sweets, so baking is fine.. 🙂 )

viktoria.rodek.inktober.folk.original.setmore Inktober pieces

Well, that’s all for today, I hope you liked this post, planning to create more exciting content, I just need tiiiimeeee….. 🙂




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I am Viktoria, Hungarian illustrator and surface pattern designer based in London. I love painting patterns and drawing animal characters with human attributions. My main source of inspiration is nature, folk art and the infinite numbers of colours.

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